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I've been working my way through the next set of books. I've finished The Cinema Organ, by Reginald Foort, which I enjoyed thoroughly. It is book, originally published in 1932 that seeks to explain to the layman how a theater organ works. It is also somewhat of an autobiography of Mr. Foort. In addition to entertaining stories from Mr. Foort's life as an organist and explanations of how the organ works, it has a great number of photographs and diagrams to accompany the explanations.

Next, a children's book (sort of a chapter book) about a sixth-grade girl who wants to play the piano but ends up with a home organ instead (a fictional one, called a Perfectone D-60). It's a very easy read, and rather charming and funny. I'm glad I discovered it. The book is A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban.

I had a plan that I was going to try to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, since it has become part of pop-culture. I am now reading by sheer force of will, as it is not at all my kind of book. Inasmuch as it seeks to convey the thought processes of an angsty teen, it seems to do a pretty good job. Unfortunately, I am not one for that brand of angsty teen literature, and quite frankly, I'm really bored with it, and a more than a little alarmed with some of the implications.

I'm looking forward to the next book on my list, Gilded Age, a modern rewrite of Edith Wharton's House of Mirth.

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